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I aim to offer experiences that create wellbeing and connection. I believe that reconnecting with our bodies and awakening our senses restores vitality; it deepens our connection with our experience in a way that creates a sense of fulfilment, belonging and wholeness. Everything is connected, and our relationships with each other, with the physical land and other life forms impact the way we feel, think and behave.  Building conscious and healthy ways of relating can make a path to healing on a personal and global scale.

You can find out about the treatments and experiences I offer here

Background and Approach

I am a teacher, therapist and musician. I studied Psychology and education, training first as a Primary teacher and later as a massage therapist.  I am interested in the link between learning and wellbeing; my therapeutic intention informs my teaching work, and my teaching experience enables me to better understand others and help them discover their own healing tools.

As a teacher working with young children, I saw the positive impact that singing has on all sorts of aspects of us; confidence and self esteem, vitality, social engagement, community cohesion and physical awareness.

Through my own experiences and challenges I have explored different approaches to creating wellness in the body and mind. I practise Mindfulness and began training as a teacher in 2016. I completed a Foundation Certificate in Counselling, which has deeply impacted the way I work with and relate to myself and others. As a therapist - in whatever modality I am working - I offer a deep listening presence and intuition that guides me to connect with what you and what is needed in the moment.

I gain a sense of grounding and restoration from being in my body. I have recently explored somatic approaches to therapy, and have discovered the profound benefits of voice work for healing and growth. I am training with BAST (British Academy of Sound Therapy) in Voice Therapy. I look forward to this new journey and to supporting you on your journey to wellness, connection and discovery.


We are living bodies. For most of our history, we have engaged in physical activities and rituals that we intuitively know release tension and stress and restore our connection with ourselves and one another. 

For a relatively short period in our history, we have held the idea that our minds control our experiences, that consciousness is in our brains alone, and that our bodies are transport mechanisms for our minds.

Recently, there has been a major shift in our approach to mental health. Evidence from neuroscience supports the interconnectedness of mind and body; our bodies (including our gut and our heart) tell us how to feel and what to do, and are in constant communication with our brains. Psychotherapists, psychologists and mental health workers have begun to explore body focussed approaches to healing, particularly in the case of trauma, where painful experiences can remain trapped in the body and constantly re-experienced.

Working with our whole system, with the body in awareness, through movement, breath, voice and touch, we have the opportunity to meet and restore parts of ourselves that have become cut off, to release chronic stress and to create new neurological pathways that serve us and our relationships.


Working with the Body


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Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy uses the passive experience of receiving sound as well as active vocal techniques to process or work through things in our lives. You can find out more here

Free Voice Therapy Treatments

I am looking for individuals who are interested in receiving Voice Therapy and would like to be case studies for my Voice Therapy Training Portfolio. You will be asked to commit to 4 sessions (one per week for four weeks) and to complete a feedback form following the last treatment. Sessions are free of charge except for a suggested contribution towards the cost of room hire. Your support will be hugely appreciated and I hope you will enjoy the experience! If you are interested, please fill in the form below or contact me

Thank you! I'll be in touch :)

Where to find me

I offer treatments and run choir groups in Redbrook, Monmouth, UK

If you are unable to get to me but would like to discuss having a treatment in your home, please get in touch

Kangaroo Choir:

Redbrook Village Hall and Church

Friday 10am

The Kingfisher's Chorus

Redbrook Church

Wednesday 6pm

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