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Here's what I offer. You can read more about my background and approach here.

You can read testimonials here and here.

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Singing is our birth right. When we sing we connect with an essential and truthful part of ourselves. Doing this with others creates connection and nurtures deep feelings of wellness and joy. My singing groups are characterised by an atmosphere of relaxed openness and fun, where everyone is free to find and be themselves.

I run two choirs; one for parents with small children and one for anyone and everyone!

In addition I am available for workshops and singing events. I work with schools, community groups and families. 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Voice therapy offers an ancient and somatic way of working through challenges or difficult states that is deeply healing. Sound therapy has been acknowledged for its relaxing and therapeutic benefits, and voice therapy offers passive treatments that use the healing tones of the voice as well as active vocal techniques that help us process things we want to find clarity on.

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Coming soon!


Increasingly, people are turning to ways of working with the body to restore balance in body and mind and to find healing benefit. Touch is one of the most immediate ways we have of generating a sense of well being and deep relaxation. I use my intuition, sensitivity and mindful awareness to tailor a treatment to your needs. I specialise in Indian Head Massage and deep tissue.

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